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The following documents are available by visiting the Wood County Engineer's Office:


Current & Archived Tax Maps Through 1997
Aerial Photographs 1963, 1969, 1980, and 1983-1985
Digital Aerial Photography Please contact the Wood County Auditor's Office
Soil Survey Issued December 1966
Current Soil Survey Please contact Wood County Soil & Water Conservation District
Property Boundary Surveys Selective
USGS Quadrangle Maps Selective dates between 1951 and 1980
Subdivision Plats Available
Subdivision Construction Plans Available
Bridge Plans Available
Railroad Plans Available
Roadway Plans Available
Road Maps Available




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Eagle Point-0204-page1.tif
Eagle Point-0204-page2.tif
Eagle Point Colony-0586-page1.tif
Eagle Point Colony-0586-page2.tif
Eagle Point Hills-0205-page1.tif
Eagle Point Hills-0205-page2.tif
Eagle Point Plains 1st Addition-0206A.tif
Eagle Point Plains 1St and 2nd Additions-0206.tif
Eagle Point Plains 2nd Addition-0206.tif
Eagle Point Plains 2nd Addition-0206B.tif
Eagle Point Subdivision and Eagle Point Colony-204.tif
Eagle Point Subdivision Lot 10-0207.tif
Eagleville Road Centerline Survey-0289.tif
East Bend Subdivision-0197.tif
Eastbrook Addition-0438.tif
East Colony Subdivision-0301.tif
East Colony Subdivision-0301A.tif
East Garden-0446A-page2.tif
East Garden-0446B.tif
East Garden Addition-0446A-page1.tif
East Lawn Addition-0058-page2.tif
East Lawn Addition-0058-page3.tif
East Lawn Addition-0058-page4.tif
East Lawn Addition-0058.tif
East Perrysburg plat 1835.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall-0111A-page1.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall-0111A-page2.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall-0111A-page3.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall-0111A-page4.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall-0111A-page5.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall Replat-0111B-page1.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall Replat-0111B-page2.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall Replat-0111B-page3.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall Replat-0111B-page4.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall Replat-0111B-page5.tif
Eastpointe on the Mall Replat-0111B-page6.tif
East Towne Park Plat-0753-page1.tif
East Towne Park Plat-0753-page2.tif
East Towne Park Plat-0753-page3.tif
East Towne Park Plat-0753-page4.tif
East Towne Park Plat-0753-page5.tif
Eastway Addition-0331.tif
Eastway Addition-0331A.tif
Eastwood Dr & Pemberville Rd Dedication Plat-0332-page1.tif
Eastwood Dr & Pemberville Rd Dedication Plat-0332-page2.tif
Eckel Junction Rd-Carronade Dr Roundabout-0299.pdf
Eckel Junction Road Dedicaiton of Additional Right of Way-0703A-page1.tif
Eckel Junction Road Dedication of Additional Right of Way-0703-page1.tif
Eckel Junction Road Dedication of Additional Right of Way-0703-page2.tif
Eckel Junction Road Dedication of Additional Right of Way-0703-page3.tif
Eckel Junction Road Dedication of Additional Right of Way-0703A-page2.tif
Eckel Junction Road Dedication of Additional Right of Way-0703A-page3.tif
Eckel Junction Road Dedication of Additional Right of Way-0703A-page4.tif
Eckel Junction Road Dedication of Additional Right of Way-0703A-page5.tif
Eckel Road Eckel Junction Road Eighth Street Survey-0642.tif
Eckel Trace Plat 3-0139C-page1.tif
Eckel Trace Plat 3-0139C-page2.tif
Eckel Trace Plat 4-0139D-page1.tif
Eckel Trace Plat 4-0139D-page2.tif
Eckel Trace Plat 5-0139E-page1.tif
Eckel Trace Plat 5-0139E-page2.tif
Eckel Trace Plat 6-0139B-page1.tif
Eckel Trace Plat 6-0139B-page2.tif
Eckel Trace Subdivision Plat 1-0139-page1.tif
Eckel Trace Subdivision Plat 1-0139-page2.tif
Eckel Trace Subdivision Plat 1-0139-page3.tif
Eckel Trace Subdivision Plat 2-0139A-page1.tif
Eckel Trace Subdivision Plat 2-0139A-page2.tif
Eckel Trace Subdivision Plat 2-0139A-page3.tif
Eden East Plat 1-0562A.tif
Eden East Plat 2-0562B.tif
Eden East Plat 3-0562C.tif
Eden East Plat 4-0562D.tif
Edward R Sage Subdivision Lot 1-0016A.tif
Edward R Sage Sudivision Lot 1 & Edwin R Sage Subdivision Lot 2-0016C.tif
Edwin R Sage-0016B.tif
Egley's Addition-0208-page1.tif
Egley's Addition-0208-page2.tif
Eighth Street Dedication Plat-0644.tif
Eilert's Subdivision, Lot 310 Moenter's Addition.tif
Eilert's Subdivision-0284.tif
Electrical Industry Plat-0764-page1.tif
Electrical Industry Plat-0764-page2.tif
Elmbrook Estates Plat 1-0110.tif
Elm Tree Place-0233.tif
Emch Road Dedication Plat-0144.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 1-0186-page1.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 1-0186-page2.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 2-0186A-page1.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 2-0186A-page2.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 2-0186A-page3.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 3 East-0186c-page 1.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 3 East-0186c-page2.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 3 West-0186B-page 1.tif
Emerald Lakes Plat 3 West-0186B-page 2.tif
Emery Park-0229.tif
Enclave, The-0600-page1.tif
Enclave, The-0600-page2.tif
Enclave, The-0600-page3.tif
Enclave, The-0600-page4.tif
Enclave, The-0600-page5.tif
Enclave, The-0600-page6.tif
Erie Court Estates-0578.tif
Estates of Fort Meigs Plat 1-0619A-page2.tif
Estates of Fort Meigs Plat 1-0619A-page3.tif
Estates of Fort Meigs Plat 1-0649A-page1.tif
Estates of Fort Meigs Plat 1-0649A-page2.tif
Estates of Fort Meigs Plat 1-0649A-page3.tif
Estates of Fort Meigs Plat 2-0649B-page1.tif
Estates of Fort Meigs Plat 2-0649B-page2.tif