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Current & Archived Tax Maps Through 1997
Aerial Photographs 1963, 1969, 1980, and 1983-1985
Digital Aerial Photography Please contact the Wood County Auditor's Office
Soil Survey Issued December 1966
Current Soil Survey Please contact Wood County Soil & Water Conservation District
Property Boundary Surveys Selective
USGS Quadrangle Maps Selective dates between 1951 and 1980
Subdivision Plats Available
Subdivision Construction Plans Available
Bridge Plans Available
Railroad Plans Available
Roadway Plans Available
Road Maps Available




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14th Green at Belmont Farms
15th Fairway at Belmont Farms
Ampoint Industrial Park (Formerly Willis Day Industrial Park, Rossford Ordinance Depot)
Arbors of Perrysburg
Argyle Forest
Argyle Forest Roadway
Arlington Woods
Aztec Subdivision Plat 1
Bates Road Ditch Cleanout
Bay Shore Village Plat 1
Belmont Farms Plat 2
Belmont Farms Plat 3
Belmont Farms Plat 4
Belmont Farms Plat 5
Belmont Farms Plat 8
Belmont Farms Plat 9
Belmont Farms Plat 10
Belmont Farms Plat 11
Belmont Meadows
Belmont Woods
Briarwood Plat 1 and 2
Brookhaven Plat 1
Brookview Farms Plat 1
Candyce Grove Plat 1
Carrington Woods
Cary Hill Estates First Extension
Cedar Business Center
Cedar Creek Addition
Cedar Valley
Cedar Valley Plat 2
Cedar Valley Plat 3
Chauncey Pointe
Country Manor Estates
Country Manor Estates Replat
Country Meadows Plat 1
Country Meadows Plat 2 and 3
Country Meadows Plat 4 and 5
Coventry Woods Executive Park
Cradenbrook, Community of
Crandenbrook Plat 2 and 3
Crandenbrook Plat 4
Crandenbrook Plat 5
Crandenbrook Plat 6
Crosscreek Meadows Plat Two Road Improvement Plan
Crosswoods Plat 2
Deer Crossing
Eastlawn Subdivision
Eastpointe On The Mall
Eckel Trace Plat 1
Eckel Trace Plat 2
Eckel Trace Plat 3, 4 & 5
Eckel Trace Plat 6
Eckel Trace Plats 3, 4 & 5
Eckel Trace Plats 3, 4, 5
Eckel Trace Preliminary Plan
Emerald Lakes Plat 1
Emerald Lakes Plat 2
Emerald Lakes Plat 3
Falcon Ridge Subdivision Plats 1 Thru 8
Fallen Timbers Village
Fort Meigs Place
Fort Meigs Place Plat 2
Foster Place
Freedom Estates
Gleneagles Road
Glenross Place (Moundview Park Plat 2)
Gorman View Addition
Granddaughters' Acres
Green Acres Estates Plat 1
Gypsy Lane Estates
Hamlet 1, The
Hamlet 2, The
Hamlet Glen
Highland On The River
Holiday Park (Holiday Lane Improvements)
Hull Prairie Meadows Plat 1 and 2 and Villas Plat 1
Hull Prairie Meadows Plat 3 and Villas Plat 2
Hull Prairie Meadows Plat 4
Hull Prairie Meadows Plat 5
I-80 Subdivision
Indian Creek Plat 1
Indian Creek Plat 2
Indian Creek Plat 3
Indian Trail Estates Plat 3
Indian Trail Estates Plat 4
Indian Trail Estates Plat 5 and 6 Utility Improvements
Indian Trail Estates Plat 7
Kingsmen Subdivision Plat 1
Lakemont Plat 2
Lakemont Plat 3
Lakemont Plat 4
Lakemont Plat 5
Lake Towne Senior Village
Lakeview Terrace
Lakewood Plat 1
Lakewood Plat 2
Lunitas Plain
Martingale Estates Plat 1
Maryland Place (Homecraft Addition)
Maybar Drive Improvements (Grassy Plains Second Addition)
Midstar Business Park Plat 1
New folder
Northwood Plaza Estates Phase 1
Oak Meadows Plat 1
Oak Meadows Plat 2
Oak Meadows Plat 3
Oakmont Plat 1
Oakmont Plat 2 through 6
Olde Cove at Riverbend Subdivision
Orchard View
Oregon Estates
Owens Lake Commons
Parliament Place
Reitzel Development
Reitzel Development (Five Point Acres)
Reserve at Williamsburg on the River Plat One
River Bend Lakes Subdivision
River Bend Lakes Subdivision Plat 1
River Bend Lakes Subdivision Plat 1 Phase 1
Riverbend Lakes Subdivision Plat 1 Phase 1
Riverbend Lakes Subdivision Plat 1 Phase 2
River Bend Lakes Subdivision Plat 1 Phase 2
River Bend Lakes Subdivision Plat 2
River Bend Lakes Subdivision Plat 3
River Bend Lakes Subdivision Plat One
River Bend Lakes Subdivision Plat Two
River Bend Lakes Subdivision State Route 65
Riverford Plat 1
River Oak Drive (River Oaks)
Riverview Heights
Rockledge Farms
Rose Hill Addition
Rudolph-Libbe Center
Saddlebrook Plat 1
Saddlebrook Plat 2 & 3
Saddlebrook Plat 4 & 5
Saddlebrook Plat 6 & 7
Saddlebrook Plat 8, 9 & 10
Saddlebrook Plat 8, 9 & 10 (Ray signature)
Saddlebrook Plat 10
Saddlebrook Plat 11
Saddlebrook Plat 11 As Builts
Saddlebrook Plat 12, 13 &14
Saddlebrook Plat 17
Saddlebrook Plat 18
Saddlebrook Plat 19
Saddlebrook Plats 8, 9 & 10
Saddlebrook Plats 8, 9 & 10 (Ray signature)
Saddlebrook Plats 12, 13 &14
Saddlebrook Villas Phase 1
Saddlebrook Villas Phase 2
Sanctuary Plat 1, The
Sanctuary Plat 2, The
Sander's Subdivision (In with Indian Creek Plat 1)
Secor Woods
Shannon Hills
Southpoint Business Park
Southwood Park
St. Clare Commons
Starbright Addition by Fuller
Sterling Subdivision
Stone Gate Villas at Bennett Ranch Phase One
Three Meadows Plat 1 and 2
Timber Ridge Villas Plat 1
Titleist Club Apartments
Town and Country Commercial Village
Twin Lakes Plat 1
Valhalla Phase 3
Valley Brook Farms Plat 1
Vera's Acres
Victory Place
Victory Place Villas
Village At River Bend Lakes Plat 2, The
Village At River Bend Plat 2, The
Village at River Bend Plat 3, The
Village At River Bend Plat 4, The
Village At River Bend Plat 5, The
Village At River Bend Plat 6, The
Village At River Bend Plat 7, The
Waterford By The River
Welling Addition
Whitehall Estates Plat 2
White Road Addition
Williamsburg on the River
Williamsburg on the River - Old Coach Road Improvements
Williamsburg on the River 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Extension
Williamsburg on the River Plan
Wind Rush Farms
Wintergarden Streets Road Improvements
Woodcreek Senior Village
Woodland Forest
Woodmont Manor
Woodmont Plat 1 and 2
Woodmont Plat 3, 4 and 5
Woodmont Plat 6 Paving & Drainage Improvements
Woodmont Plats 3, 4, 5
Woodville Mall
Village At Riverbend Plat 6.tif