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The following documents are available by visiting the Wood County Engineer's Office:


Current & Archived Tax Maps Through 1997
Aerial Photographs 1963, 1969, 1980, and 1983-1985
Digital Aerial Photography Please contact the Wood County Auditor's Office
Soil Survey Issued December 1966
Current Soil Survey Please contact Wood County Soil & Water Conservation District
Property Boundary Surveys Selective
USGS Quadrangle Maps Selective dates between 1951 and 1980
Subdivision Plats Available
Subdivision Construction Plans Available
Bridge Plans Available
Railroad Plans Available
Roadway Plans Available
Road Maps Available




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Custar Road Dedication Plat-0145.tif
Custar Girton Road Dedication Plat-0647.tif
Crosswoods Plat 2-0428B-page2.tif
Crosswoods Plat 2-0428B-page1.tif
Crosswoods Plat 1-0428A-page2.tif
Crosswoods Plat 1-0428A-page1.tif
Crossroads Business Park Plat 2-0754A-page2.tif
Crossroads Business Park Plat 2-0754A-page1.tif
Crossroads Business Park Plat 1-0754-page2.tif
Crossroads Business Park Plat 1-0754-page1.tif
Crossroads Business Park Plat 1 Replat of Lots 2 & 3-0754B-page2.tif
Crossroads Business Park Plat 1 Replat of Lots 2 & 3-0754B-page 1.tif
Crossroads Business Park Plat 1 Replat of Lot 3-0754C-page2.tif
Crossroads Business Park Plat 1 Replat of Lot 3-0754C-page1.tif
Crosscreek Meadows Plat 1-0133-page2.tif
Crosscreek Meadows Plat 1-0133-page1.tif
Crosscreek Meadows Plat 1 Villas-0133A-page2.tif
Crosscreek Meadows Plat 1 Villas-0133A-page1.tif
Creekbend Farms-0757-page2.tif
Creekbend Farms-0757-page1.tif
Crane Creek Place-0735.tif
Crane Creek Meadows -0615.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 10-0084K.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 9-0084J.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 8-0084I.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 7-0084H.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 6-0084G.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 5-0084F-page2.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 5-0084F-page1.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 4-0084E-page2.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 4-0084E-page1.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 3-0084D-page2.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 3-0084D-page1.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 2-0084C-page2.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 2-0084C-page1.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 1-0084B.tif
Crandenbrook Plat 1-0084A.tif
Crandenbrook Overall-0084A.tif
Coventry Woods Executive Park-0017-page2.tif
Coventry Woods Executive Park-0017-page1.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 2-0591B-page3.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 2-0591B-page2.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 2-0591B-page1.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 2-0591A-page3.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 2-0591A-page2.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 2-0591A-page1.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 1-0591A-page3.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 1-0591A-page2.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 1-0591A-page1.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 1-0591-page3.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 1-0591-page2.tif
Coventry Pointe Plat 1-0591-page1.tif
Coventry Plat 3-0547C-page2.tif
Coventry Plat 3-0547C-page1.tif
Coventry Plat 2-0547B-page2.tif
Coventry Plat 2-0547B-page1.tif
Coventry Plat 1-0547A-page3.tif
Coventry Plat 1-0547A-page2.tif
Coventry Plat 1-0547A-page1.tif
County Home Road Dedication Plat-0579.tif
Country Meadows Plat 5-0763D.tif
Country Meadows Plat 4-0763C.tif
Country Meadows Plat 3-0763B.tif
Country Meadows Plat 2-0763A.tif
Country Meadows Plat 1-0763-page2.tif
Country Meadows Plat 1-0763-page1.tif
Country Manor Estates Plat 1 Replat of Lots 3 thru 19 excluding 15,16,17-0086B.tif
Country Manor Estates-0086A.tif
Country Garden Estates-0108.tif
Country Club Estates-0519.tif
Country Acres Addition Plat 3 Replat-0435D.tif
Country Acres Addition Plat 2-0435B.tif
Country Acres Addition Plat 2 Replat-0435C.tif
Country Acres Addition Plat 1-0435A.tif
Cook's 1st Addition Replat-0324B-page2.tif
Cook's 1st Addition Replat-0324B-page1.tif
Cook's 1st Addition-0324A-page3.tif
Cook's 1st Addition-0324A-page2.tif
Cook's 1st Addition-0324A-page1.tif
Conneaut Park Subdivision-0369.tif
Conneaut Meadows Subdivision-0685.tif
Colony Gardens-0202A.tif
Colony Gardens-0202.tif
Colony at River Ridge-0770-page2.tif
Colony at River Ridge-0770-page1.tif
Colonial Acres Plat 5-0432E.tif
Colonial Acres Plat 4-0432D-page2.tif
Colonial Acres Plat 4-0432D-page1.tif
Colonial Acres Plat 3-0432C.tif
Colonial Acres Plat 2-0432B.tif
Colonial Acres Plat 1-0432A-page2.tif
Colonial Acres Plat 1-0432A-page1.tif
College View Addition-0379-page2.tif
College View Addition-0379-page1.tif
College Grove Addition-0613.tif
Coleman Addition-0344-page3.tif
Coleman Addition-0344-page2.tif
Coleman Addition-0344-page1.tif
Cogan's Crossing Plat 8-0092G.tif
Cogan's Crossing Plat 7-0092F.tif
Cogan's Crossing Plat 6-0092E.tif
Cogan's Crossing Plat 5-0092D.tif
Cogan's Crossing Plat 4-0092C.tif
Cogan's Crossing Plat 3-0092B.tif
Cogan's Crossing Plat 2-0092A.tif
Cogan's Crossing Plat 1-0092.tif
Cloyce Schall Addition-0409.tif
Clark Lanes Addition-0004.tif
Choice Crossroads Development Replat Lots 2,3 & 4-0599A-page2.tif
Choice Crossroads Development Replat Lots 2,3 & 4-0599A-page1.tif
Choice Crossroads Development-page2.tif
Choice Crossroads Development-page1.tif
Choice Crossroads Development-0599-page2.tif
Choice Crossroads Development-0599-page1.tif
Chapman Farm Subdivision-0027A.tif
Chapman Farms-0027.tif
Chamberlain Estates-0131.tif
Cervenec Subdivision-0585.tif
Cedar Valley Plat 3-0053-page2.tif
Cedar Valley Plat 3-0053-page1.tif
Cedar Valley Plat 2-0683A-page2.tif
Cedar Valley Plat 2-0683A-page1.tif
Cedar Valley Plat 1-0683-page2.tif
Cedar Valley Plat 1-0683-page1.tif
Cedar Road Roadway Dedication Plat-0520A.tif
Cedar Road Roadway Dedication Plat-0520.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 4-0732D-page2.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 4-0732D-page1.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 3-0732C-page2.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 3-0732C-page1.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 2-0732B-page2.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 2-0732B-page1.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 1-0732-page2.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 1-0732-page 1.tif
Cedar Creek Woods 1 Replat-0732A.tif
Cedar Creek Terrace-0336.tif
Cedar Creek-0427.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 4-0400C-page2.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 4-0400C-page1.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 3-0400B-page2.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 3-0400B-page1.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 2-0400A-page2.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 2-0400A-page1.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 1-0400-page4.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 1-0400-page3.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 1-0400-page2.tif
Cedar Business Center Plat 1-0400-page1.tif
C B's Reserve Subdivision Plat 3-0036B-page2.tif
C B's Reserve Subdivision Plat 3-0036B-page1.tif
C B's Reserve Subdivision Plat 2-0036A-page2.tif
C B's Reserve Subdivision Plat 2-0036A-page1.tif
C B's Reserve Subdivision Plat 1-0036-page2.tif
C B's Reserve Subdivision Plat 1-0036-page1.tif
Cary Hill Estates First Extension-0255.tif
Cary Hill Estates-0196.tif
Carronade Dr-Eckel Junction Rd Roundabout-0299.pdf
Carrington Woods-0592-page 2.tif
Carrington Woods-0592-page1.tif
Carrie Smither's Subdivision-0236.tif
Candyce Grove Plat 1-0540-page2.tif
Candyce Grove Plat 1-0540-page1.tif
Campus Gardens Plat 2-0410B.tif
Campus Gardens Plat 1-0410A.tif
Cambridge Replat Lots 19-20-0775C.tif
Cambridge Lots 21-22 Replat-0775B.tif
Cambridge Lots 7-8 Replat-0775A.tif
Cambridge Lots 7 & 8 Replat-0775A.tif
Calkin's Place-0244.tif
Caldwell Road Dedication Plat-0138.tif
Caldwell's Addition-0106.tif
Caldwell's Addition-0022.tif
Cains Corner-0678.tif
C. M. Saunder's Subdivision-0181.tif