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Current & Archived Tax Maps Through 1997
Aerial Photographs 1963, 1969, 1980, and 1983-1985
Digital Aerial Photography Please contact the Wood County Auditor's Office
Soil Survey Issued December 1966
Current Soil Survey Please contact Wood County Soil & Water Conservation District
Property Boundary Surveys Selective
USGS Quadrangle Maps Selective dates between 1951 and 1980
Subdivision Plats Available
Subdivision Construction Plans Available
Bridge Plans Available
Railroad Plans Available
Roadway Plans Available
Road Maps Available




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Saddlebrook Condominiums The Villas At 26th Ammendment-0749F-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Condominiums The Villas At 26th Ammendment-0749F-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Condominiums The Villas At 26th Ammendment-0749F-page3.tif
Saddlebrook Condominiums The Villas At 26th Ammendment-0749F-page4.tif
Saddlebrook Condominium The Villas At 3rd Amendment-0749E-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Condominium The Villas At 3rd Amendment-0749E-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 1-0749-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 1-0749-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 1-0749-page3.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 1-0749-page4.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 2-0749A-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 2-0749A-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 3-0749B-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 3-0749B-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 4-0749D-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 4-0749D-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 5-0749C-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 5-0749C-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 6-0749F-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 6-0749F-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 7-0749G-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 7-0749G-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 8-0749H-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 8-0749H-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 9-0749I-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 9-0749I-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 10-0749J-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 10-0749J-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 11-0749K-page 1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 11-0749K-page 2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 12-0749L-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 12-0749L-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 13-0749N-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 13-0749N-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 14-0749M-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 14-0749M-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 15-0749O-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 15-0749O-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 16-749R-page 1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 16-749R-page 2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 17-0749P-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 17-0749P-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 18-0749Q-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 18-0749Q-page2.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 19-0749S-page1.tif
Saddlebrook Plat 19-0749S-page2.tif
Sader Subdivision-0126.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 1 Replat of Lots 9 and 10-0167A.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 1-0167-page1.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 1-0167-page2.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 2 Replat Lots 18-21-0167E.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 2-0167C-page1.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 2-0167C-page2.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 2-0167C-page3.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 2-0167C-page4.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 3-0167B-page1.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 3-0167B-page2.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 3-167B-page1.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 3-167B-page2.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 4-0167D-page1.tif
Sanctuary In The Woods Plat 4-0167D-page2.tif
Sanctuary North-0723-page1.tif
Sanctuary North-0723-page2.tif
Sanctuary North-0723-page3.tif
Sanctuary North-0723-page4.tif
Sanctuary North Replat of Lots 70 through 75-0723A-page1.tif
Sanctuary North Replat of Lots 70 through 75-0723A-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 1-0725-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 1-0725-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 2-0725A-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 2-0725A-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 3-0725B-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 3-0725B-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 4-0725C-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 4-0725C-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 5-0725D-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 5-0725D-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 6-0725E-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 6-0725E-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 6A-0725H-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 6A-0725H-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 7-0725F-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 7-0725F-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 7-0725F-page3.tif
Sanctuary Plat 8A-0725G-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 8A-0725G-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 8B-0725I-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 8B-0725I-page2.tif
Sanctuary Plat 9-0725J-page1.tif
Sanctuary Plat 9-0725J-page2.tif
Sandusky Place Dedication Plat-0664.tif
San Far Subdivision-0708A.tif
San Far Subdivision-0708B.tif
Santus Subdivision-0223.tif
Schimmel's Addition-0457.tif
Schneider Subdivision-0085.tif
Schreiber Street Road Dedication Plat-0102.tif
Schreiber Street Road Dedication Plat-0103.tif
Schribers Subdivision-0610.tif
Schwab's Subdivision-0377.tif
Schwamberger Place-0323-page1.tif
Schwamberger Place-0323-page2.tif
Scotch Ridge-0008.tif
Scrambler Marie's-0194-page1.tif
Scrambler Marie's-0194-page2.tif
Secor Woods-0115.tif
Sequoia Heights Plat 1-0755-page1.tif
Sequoia Heights Plat 1-0755-page2.tif
Sequoia Heights Plat 2-0755A-page1.tif
Sequoia Heights Plat 2-0755A-page2.tif
Sequoia Heights Plat 3-0755B-page1.tif
Sequoia Heights Plat 3-0755B-page2.tif
Shaelyn Place-0199-page1.tif
Shaelyn Place-0199-page2.tif
Shaelyn Place Preliminary Plat.pdf
Shaller's Subdivision-0270.tif
Shannon Hills-0125-page1.tif
Shannon HIlls-0125-page2.tif
Shaw's Subdivision-0224.tif
Shawnee Junction Subdivision Plat 1-0767-page1.tif
Shawnee Junction Subdivision Plat 1-0767-page2.tif
Shawnee Junction Subdivision Plat 2-0767A-page1.tif
Shawnee Junction Subdivision Plat 2-0767A-page2.tif
Shawnee Junction Subdivision Plat 3-0767B-page1.tif
Shawnee Junction Subdivision Plat 3-0767B-page2.tif
Shawnee Junction Subdivision Plat 4-0767C-page1.tif
Shawnee Junction Subdivision Plat 4-0767C-page2.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 1-0738.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 2-0738A-page1.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 2-0738A-page2.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 3 Replat of Lot 89-0738B.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 3-0738B-page1.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 3-0738B-page2.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 4-0738C-page1.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 4-0738C-page2.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 5-0738D-page1.tif
Shawnee Trace Plat 5-0738D-page2.tif
Shelton Gardens-0021.tif
Shelton Gardens-0021A.tif
Sherman's 3rd Addition-0279.tif
Sherman Place-0312-page1.tif
Sherman Place-0312-page2.tif
Shrider Addition-0369-page1.tif
Shrider Addition-0369-page2.tif
Siglar's Addition-0051A.tif
Siglar's Addition -0051C.tif
Siglar's Addition Replat of Lots 1,30,31-0051D.tif
Siglar's Second Addition-0051B.tif
Simmons Addition-0506.tif
Slippery Elm Hollow Subdivision Plat 1-0039-page1.tif
Slippery Elm Hollow Subdivision Plat 1-0039-page2.tif
Slippery Elm Hollow Subdivision Plat 2-0039A-page1.tif
Slippery Elm Hollow Subdivision Plat 2-0039A-page2.tif
Slippery Elm Hollow Subdivision Plat 3-0039B-page1.tif
Slippery Elm Hollow Subdivision Plat 3-0039B-page2.tif
Slippery Elm Hollow Subdivision Plat 4-0039C-page1.tif
Slippery Elm Hollow Subdivision Plat 4-0039C-page2.tif
Snook's Business Park Plat 1-0050-page1.tif
Snook's Business Park Plat 1-0050-page2.tif
Snook's Business Park Plat 2-0050A-page1.tif
Snook's Business Park Plat 2-0050A-page2.tif
Snyder's Addition-0044.tif
South Boundary Street Dedication Plat-0625.tif
Southpoint Business Park Subdivision-0680.tif
South Pointe-0271.tif
Southwood Park Plat 1 Replat of Lot A-0439A.tif
Southwood Park Plat 1-0439A.tif
Southwood Park Plat 2-0439C.tif
Southwood Park Plat 3 Replat of Lots 168 thru 172-0439E.tif
Southwood Park Plat 3-0439D.tif
Southwood Village Addition-0372A-page1.tif
Southwood Village Addition-0372A-page2.tif
Southwood Village Addition Extension-0372B.tif
Spackey's Addition-0258.tif
Spohler Addition-0313.tif
Spohler Addition-0313A-page1.tif
Spohler Addition-0313A-page2.tif
Spohler Addition Plat 2-0313B-page1.tif
Spohler Addition Plat 2-0313B-page2.tif
Stahls Addition Lot 133 Walbridge-0608.tif
Starbright Addition By Fuller Plat 1 Replat of Lots 23 thru 26-0093C.tif
Starbright Addition By Fuller Plat 1-0093A.tif
Starbright Addition By Fuller Plat 1Replat of Lots 10thru 22-0093B.tif
Starbright Addition By Fuller Plat 2-0093D.tif
Starbright Townhome A Subdivision of Lots 6 Thru 9 Starbright Addition By Fuller Plat 1-0170A.tif
Starbright Townhome Replat of Lots 6 thru 9 Formerly Starbright Addition By Fuller-0170B.tif
State Route 18 Liberty Hi Bypass-0650.pdf
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0582-page1.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0582-page2.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0598-page1.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0598-page2.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0598-page3.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0598-page4.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0634-page1.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0634-page2.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0634-page3.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0634-page4.tif
State Route 25 Centerline Plat-0646.tif
State Route 51 Centerline Plat-0510-page1.pdf
State Route 51 Centerline Plat-0510-page2.pdf
State Route 105 & Luckey Rd Centerline Plat-0191.tif
State Route 199 Centerline Plat-0636-page1.pdf
State Route 199 Centerline Plat-0636-page2.pdf
State Route 199 Centerline Plat-0636-page3.pdf
State Route 795 and Lime City Road-0503.tif
Stearns Crest-0026.tif
Stearns Road Dedication Plat.tif
Stein Road Dedication Plat-0643.tif
Sterling Subdivision-0171-page1.tif
Sterling Subdivision-0171-page2.tif
Stewart Addition-0354-page1.tif
Stewart Addition-0354-page2.tif
Stewart Addition-0354-page3.tif
Stillman Heights-0054-page1.tif
Stillman Heights-0054-page2.tif
Stillman Heights-0054-page3.tif
Stillman Heights-0054.tif
Stone Brook Estates-0142-page1.tif
Stone Brook Estates-0142-page2.tif
Stone Brook Estates 1st Addition-0142B-page1.tif
Stone Brook Estates 1st Addition-0142B-page2.tif
Stone Brook Estates Amended-0142A-page1.tif
Stone Brook Estates Amended-0142A-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 1 Replat of Inlots 6045 Thru Inlots 6064 and Common Area A-0742-page1.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 1 Replat of Inlots 6045 Thru Inlots 6064 and Common Area A-0742-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 1-0742-page1.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 1-0742-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 2-0742A-page1.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 2-0742A-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 3-0742B-page1.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 3-0742B-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 4 Replat-0742D.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 4-0742C.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 5-0742E.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 6-0742F-page1.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 6-0742F-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 7-0742G-page1.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 7-0742G-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 7-0742G-page3.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 8 Replat-0742I-page1.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 8 Replat-0742I-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 8 Replat-0742I-page3.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 8-0742H-page1.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 8-0742H-page2.tif
Stone Ridge Golf Club Plat 8-0742H-page3.tif
Stony Shore Estates-0245.tif
Stratmann Estates Plat 1-0740.tif
Stratmann Estates Plat 2-0740A.tif
Sugar Ridge-0018.tif
Summerfield Plat 1-0280-page1.tif
Summerfield Plat 1-0280-page2.tif
Summerfield Plat 1-0280-page3.tif
Summerfield Plat 2-0280A-page1.tif
Summerfield Plat 2-0280A-page2.tif
Summerfield Plat 2-0280A-page3.tif
Summerfield Plat 3-0280B-page1.tif
Summerfield Plat 3-0280B-page2.tif
Summerfield Plat 3-0280B-page3.tif
Summerfield Plat 4-0280D-page1.tif
Summerfield Plat 4-0280D-page2.tif
Summerfield Plat 4-0280D-page3.tif
Summerfield Plat One-0280-page1.tif
Summerfield Plat One-0280-page2.tif
Summerfield Plat One-0280-page3.tif
Summerfield Townhomes -0280C-page1.tif
Summerfield Townhomes-0280C-page2.tif
Summerfield Townhomes-0280C-page3.tif
Sun Air Right of Way Dedication Plat-0702.tif
Sunny Acres Addition-0401-page1.tif
Sunny Acres Addition-0401-page2.tif
Sunny Acres Addition-0401-page3.tif
Sunset Addition-0357-page1.tif
Sunset Addition-0357-page2.tif
Sunset Addition-0357-page3.tif
Swartz Addition-0074.tif
Sycamore Addition-0433-page1.tif
Sycamore Addition-0433-page2.tif
Sycamore Addition Plat 1-0722.tif
Sycamore Addition Plat 2-0722A.tif
Szabo Addition-0225.tif