In-Office Document Availability

The following documents are available by visiting the Wood County Engineer's Office:


Current & Archived Tax Maps Through 1997
Aerial Photographs 1963, 1969, 1980, and 1983-1985
Digital Aerial Photography Please contact the Wood County Auditor's Office
Soil Survey Issued December 1966
Current Soil Survey Please contact Wood County Soil & Water Conservation District
Property Boundary Surveys Selective
USGS Quadrangle Maps Selective dates between 1951 and 1980
Subdivision Plats Available
Subdivision Construction Plans Available
Bridge Plans Available
Railroad Plans Available
Roadway Plans Available
Road Maps Available




We have made the following documents available for download. The following box works similarly to a file directory. Simply click the folder to view the content. If you click the link provided you should be able to download the subsequent document.

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File name
2399 Blythe Cook.pdf
2398 Vernon Schober.pdf
2397 H. J. Drummer.pdf
2396 Village Of Millbury Jt. Co..pdf
2395 Lake Twp. Trustees.pdf
2393 Karl Rahdert.pdf
2392 Arthur Beck.pdf
2391 Warren Ziegler.pdf
2389 Raymond Fausnaugh.pdf
2387 Lewis Glanzman.pdf
2386 Donald W. Todd Jt Co..pdf
2385 Walter Busch.pdf
2384 Paul Cox Jt. Co..pdf
2382 Cora Goodman.pdf
2381 Lois Harbour.pdf
2380 Karl G. Rahdert.pdf
2379 Elmira Green.pdf
2378 Albert S. Laws.pdf
2377 James W. Sterling.pdf
2376 Donald J. Koppenhafer.pdf
2375 Fern T. Hayes.pdf
2374 Harold Bateson.pdf
2373 Charles Kern Jr..pdf
2372 Floyd E. Brough.pdf
2371 David N. Apple.pdf
2370 John D. Nichols.pdf
2368 Floyd M. Dewese.pdf
2367 Village Of Wayne.pdf
2366 Victor B. Seeley.pdf
2365 Othel Dean Jt. Co..pdf
2364 Big Mud Creek Tri-Co..pdf
2363 Doris D. Schaller.pdf
2362 Lyle L. Shaffer.pdf
2361 Alvin H. Schaller.pdf
2360 Ernest Swartz.pdf
2357 Anthony C. Missler.pdf
2356 H. P. Bresler.pdf
2355 James Richards.pdf
2353 Cletus Burgei.pdf
2351 W. K. McClarren.pdf
2349 George Wulff.pdf
2347 Martha Carter.pdf
2346 Gary Carpenter.pdf
2345 Robert Herringshaw.pdf
2343 Loren Groff.pdf
2341 Lake Twp. Residents Assn..pdf
2340 J. E. Shamp.pdf
2339 D. Z. Kline.pdf
2338 Cloyce Wells Jt. Co..pdf
2337 Clyde Murphy.pdf
2336 Montgomery Twp..pdf
2335 Floyd Ruch.pdf
2333 Richard Wensink.pdf
2329 David N. Clark.pdf
2327 Mary A. Kitchen.pdf
2326 M. A. Bruning.pdf
2325 Earl M. Recker.pdf
2324 F. R. Kazmaier.pdf
2323 Lennis C. Smith.pdf
2322 Herman Weiland.pdf
2319 Glen Rader Jt. Co..pdf
2318 Alfred Ernsthausen.pdf
2317 Albert E. Ziegler.pdf
2316 Melvin Buchman.pdf
2315 George Spoerl.pdf
2313 Belleville.pdf
2312 Joseph A. Cessna.pdf
2311 Floyd Williams.pdf
2308 Franklin Radeloff.pdf
2307 Robert Puse.pdf
2306 Maurice Hathaway.pdf
2305 Herman Weiland.pdf